➺ Do you have a business that’s doing well, yet you’re feeling overwhelmed with all the administrative details keeping you derailed from what you really want to work on?

➺ Do you keep hoping you’ll find the time (and energy) to finally work on your business instead of in it?

➺ Do you wonder how much longer you can keep up this pace before things start falling through the cracks? Or maybe they already have…

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We’ll talk about your business, your goals, your ideal way to work, and then explore where my support may best be leveraged to help you achieve all of our goals and more!

Raise the bar for your clients (and yourself), and keep your sanity doing it.

And there is a way to do that – by concentrating on only the key areas that are important to you. When we work together, your business practices will become streamlined, you’ll become and stay organized, and you can actually enjoy this time in your life!  

Proven track record.

I assist busy (and overwhelmed) business owners who are drowning in administrative details that keep them from focusing on their key goals. By managing those permanent details for them, they strengthen and grow their businesses and relationships, and regain balance in their lives.

The secret? Collaborative relationships.

With the ongoing, collaborative relationships I have with my clients, they reach new levels of organization, efficiency and productivity in all areas of their businesses. As a result, they gain the freedom to focus on their genius work, time to spend with loved ones as well as pursue hobbies. All of this with time, energy and passion to spare!

Here’s some client kudos I’d like to share:

Kenneth G. Hartman, President of Lucid Truth Technologies:

“Simply put, Karen is an amazing virtual executive assistant. In a very short time, she learned the nuances of my business and has become an indispensable team member. I think that what I like most about Karen is her attention to detail. She helps keep track of several spinning plates, anticipates the “next step,” and proactively tackles work with panache that falls within her purview. She is always positive and pleasant to work with. I greatly value her experience and wisdom.”

Connie Wintzinger, Development Director of Michael’s Place:

“Karen…saved us a ton of time and energy by entering and tracking donations, thanking donors, and mailing invitations for events. Karen also guides us in areas such as streamlining our processes, process documentation, and creating a procedure manual. She’s efficient, organized, professional and great to work with.

If you’re ready to let go of the work that’s holding you back, and would love to have a much more enjoyable life and profitable business, contact me today for a complimentary strategy call. I look forward to meeting you!